Lean Ground Turkey with Lots of veggies in a Whole Grain Tortilla!!!

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I tend to go out out of order when describing or narrating the events of my life,…I ran this past Saturday my fourth Half Marathon, but for the first time, in a TRAIL. It was hard in so many different … Continue reading

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Monday Dinner – Quinoa Pasta with Veggies and chicken

Monday Dinner – Quinoa Pasta with Veggies and chicken.

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Monday Dinner – Quinoa Pasta with Veggies and chicken

This is one of my family favorite’s dinners! it is fast! Super Healthy!!!! and Oh! so Delicious!!!!

Find this Pasta, Publix and Whole Foods sell them. Is made out of Quinoa, which you know is also one my favorite things to eat;


Boil some water and throw the pasta in the water, give it 5 to 8 minutes, no more than that, and put aside.

Then, get two chicken breast, wash them, dry them with a paper towel, and slice the chicken breast in little pieces. (this recipe is for a family of three…:), you can increase the quantity of the ingredients as you need)

Heat a pan in medium heat and add three garlic cloves either smashed or sliced in very small pieces with some EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) when you can smell the garlic starting to cook, add the chicken and some sea salt and pepper. Make sure the chicken is cooked but not over cooked….that is important. Then removed from the pan just the chicken, leaving the juice released while cooking and the garlic and olive oil and keep the chicken in a warm place until later…

Next! you will need the following:

– Slice some onion, pepper and mushrooms.


– One small Bock Choy, a small cucumber, fresh radishes and some grape tomatoes. Wash them very very well and slice as you wish.

– Then get ready some spinach! just on your side, for when is the right moment!

And some Fat Free, Low Sodium Vegetable Broth! you will only need less than 1/4 cup of this….

Once you removed the chicken from the pan add the onions, mushrooms and pepper and cook for a few minutes, only to mix with the remaining garlic and olive oil and get them a little soft, and then add the cucumber, the radishes, and tomatoes…again, only for a minute, while you are continually mixing all with a big wooden spoon… when the veggies are sauteed as you like them, return the chicken to the pan and mix a little for a minute with the veggies, drain the amount of pasta you will need and add to the pan as well.

At this moment, add the desired amount of Vegetable broth, but again, you only need very little, the purpose of this is to use it as a way to mix the chicken with the veggies and the pasta, that’s it.

Mix all for a second and then add the Spinach and the Bock Choy, see below:

As you see, the pasta is already under the bed of spinach and bock choy. Cover the pan for a few second, and the heat will moist the spinach and bock choy extremely fast. Then remove the cover and mix it all slowly, delicately, so you don’t break the pasta…

We eat very low in salt at home…so at this point I add a tiny bit of Sea Salt and more pepper, while I am mixing and dinner is ready!!!

Then you serve with your favorite wine….tonight happened to be Francis Coppola Cabernet Sauvignon….so Yummy….and I added a little slice of avocado because I love avocado!!!

I love colorful food!!! and this is packed with protein, good fiber, antioxidants, and so much more!!!

You don’t need to add Tomato sauce….but if you must, some Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese is ok….

Enjoy and let me know if you make this dish at home for your loved ones, and if you like it.

PS: Perfect for Carbo Load before a Race!!!!! Bon Appetit!!!!

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Lunch in a Saturday morning, rest day from running…

I “try” to choose what I am going to eat around my running…will it give me more energy? will it make me feel more heavy? Will it be harder to digest? Is it going to make feel sleepy? And so, I try to be as conscious as possible about my choices.

Knowing what I am training for, what type of run I will have that day or if I already ran, how much I need to refuel…. In any case, this delicious meal was my Saturday lunch, and that was my rest day…so I always try to keep my caloric intake a little lower on those days of no exercise.

This mutation between a taco and a burrito was perfect for me! It filled me enough to make me feel satisfied but not full. And as I ate it, I not only enjoyed the colors but the smell and the taste was clean and smooth. Just perfect, fresh lunch option.

I sliced some red cabbage, onions, orange and yellow pepper and sauteed it in a pan just enough to soften the veggies a little bit but not so much that they loose their crispness. Then took a few pieces of tofu and heated it in a pan sprinkling some sea salt, pepper, chili pepper and sesame seeds. Then I warmed the whole grain tortilla, prepared the avocado with some very little salt, pepper and lemon juice….put all in place, and Voila!!!!

I am telling you, this is perfect! healthy, and supper easy to make!!! My son doesn’t like tofu nor avocado,so for him I made some changes, see below.

Very easy and fast: whole grain tortilla with low fat organic mozzarella cheese, and organic Turkey breast slices and some red pepper. Heat it all in a pan until cheese is beginning to melt and the Tortilla is golden. Fold it, and serve!! Very Yummy and he ate it all!!!! Along with a few slices of apple.

Happy running and Healthy eating go together!

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20 minutes to dinner after a six miles run…what to cook?

Healthy Foods and Recipes.

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Sudden decision to run a Trail Half-Marathon

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This picture was this past Sunday, on my long run of 10 exhausting, killing, almost dying miles…. I was not only still suffering from a two weeks long terrible cold which still on Sunday had me with aerosol three times … Continue reading

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The beginning…

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So, here I am! Finally! After much thought and deliberation, I decided to create my very own blog!!! Woohoo! And why not? Right? Here is my reasoning: since I was 15 years old I have loved to write, mostly incoherent … Continue reading

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